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Lawless #3
By: Lexi Blake
Releasing June 20th, 2017
In Revenge (Lawless #3) by Lexi Blake, Drew Lawless wants Shelby Gates, and he isn't above manipulating her to get what he wants. So when he offers her a contract for her to be able to investigate what happened years ago to his father, she takes it without reading the fine print. But when things become too dangerous in the investigation, will Drew push Shelby away for good; or will she fight for their relationship because they're good together and deserve the happy ever after their relationship was headed towards before the threat became all too real?
This was a story that had me continually needing to put the book down for the first half of this story, because I didn't think much of the main characters, but when I got to the end of this story I knew I was going to give it more stars than what I originally thought of giving it. Perhaps I felt this way because I hadn't read the other books of this series, but still, I found this story could be read as a stand-alone since it gave me enough knowledge of the secondary characters and what they'd been through. 

As for the dialogue, I loved everything about the investigation into the past and if Drew and Shelby would be able to find the person they're looking for with their research. The heroine has her own personal reasons for wanting to help, because of what happened to her brother and I liked how thorough she was in getting the information she needed. Interviewing the people she does couldn't have been easy, especially when she discovers information that will devastate the hero. Furthermore, I liked the advice the secondary characters were determined to offer the hero and heroine as they decide whether pursuing their relationship is a good idea or not, especially when Drew is determined to push the heroine away for fear of her losing her life.

Like I said above, I had trouble getting into the characters in the beginning. I felt the heroine gave in a little too easily to the hero when it came to the contract and their bedroom antics, and the way she begged and pleaded I thought was so the opposite to her personality when she seemed so resilient, courageous, independent and not a woman that needed to beg to get what she wanted. However, in saying that, the more this story progressed the more I found she needed to use any tactic necessary to get Drew to listen to her. Especially since there was no reasoning with him when he was doing his best to isolate himself because of the danger they were facing when it became more and more palpable that he had a target on his back.

While the hero, he's socially awkward and extremely protective of his family due to all that they've been through and are still going through. Will he finally get the revenge he wants? He also has some tough challenges to face such as Shelby and whether she'll still accept him once she learns the truth of his deception; whether or not to accept or be able to trust a brother he never knew existed for fear that he could be there to hurt the rest of his family; dealing with the betrayal of someone he loves; and what happens towards the end which may be trouble he might not be able to get out of. Will he come out on top of the challenges he faces and get the happy ever after he deserves? Moreover, I also liked that the rest of his family started to fight back against Drew's protective instincts and were determined to be there for him just as much as he's been there for them. Most especially when circumstances become dangerous for the hero and all he's worked hard for over the years.

Overall, this was an intriguing read that I absolutely enjoyed, especially because of the ending and the edge-of-my-seat moments it gave me because of the danger the hero faced and whether he'd come out on top against the person that murdered his father years ago. Moreover, the chemistry between the hero and heroine was off-the-charts and spilled over onto the pages in scorching sex scenes. Drew certainly knows how to show Shelby a good time. 

Finally, the way this story ended had me cheering for this couple's happy ever after, because they deserved happiness after everything they've been through. I would recommend Revenge by Lexi Blake, if you enjoy contemporary romance with a dose of suspense or books by authors Susan Stoker, Maya Banks, Lynn Raye Harris or Misty Evans.

Passion and danger collide in the latest contemporary romance featuring the Lawless siblings—from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake.

When Drew Lawless discovers a fatal flaw in his plan to avenge his parents’ deaths, he turns to the one woman he'd promised he wouldn't touch. He offers her a deal, one that will bring her into his investigation, his life, and his bed.

Investigative reporter Shelby Gates never dreamed how twisted the case would become—or how fascinated she would be with Drew. Every day they spend together binds them. And every night brings her closer to realizing he might be the man for her.

As Drew's feelings for Shelby grow, so does the danger. From the streets of Dallas to Austin’s high-tech business world, Drew and Shelby play a game begun twenty years before—a game they will win, or die trying.
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  1. I'm not a reader that usually digs nerdy type heroes, but I do like a contemporary romance with a dose of suspense. May put thus on my TBR.