Monday 24 April 2017


Tracking You
Redwood Ridge #2
By: Kelly Moran
Releasing May 23rd, 2017
Lyrical Shine

In Tracking You (Redwood Ridge #2) by Kelly Moran, Gabby Cossette and Flynn O'Grady have been friends for a long time, but neither have considered a relationship between them because they couldn't handle possibly losing each other if a relationship between them went belly up. However, when the 'Battleaxes', a trio of women that love to match-make form a plan to bring Gabby and Flynn closer together, they soon find themselves having trouble fighting their growing attraction. Will the pair fight for the future they both want, or will their differences tear them apart forever?
Have you ever had a small town romance story make you wish you could be transported into the book and be part of the town? Well, Ms. Moran has made me feel that way ever since reading the first book of this series, and has made me feel that way even more after reading this book. Whether it's the tight bonds of friendship and family, or the matchmaking Battleaxes, every character has been relatable, likeable and entertained me so much with their teasing dialogue, their well-developed back stories and the way they'd do anything for each other, especially when the secondary characters believe one of the main characters is making a bad choice and they offer Flynn or Gabby some sound advice. 

Both the main characters are incredible due to their back stories and all they go through on their journey to happy ever after including what happens while they're on the job as a vet and vet assistant and the judgmental attitudes of Gabby's family. Will Gabby be able to handle the situations she faces as a vet assistant? Will she stand up to her family and prove that love conquers all by finding happiness with Flynn? Yet, what I liked most of all about this couple is how accepting they are of each other and how determined Gabby is to prove to Flynn that she loves him no matter what. That his being deaf doesn't define him and shouldn't hold him back from finding happiness.

As for the heroine, everyone sees Gabby as the good girl. The woman they see as more of a friend than someone to consider being in a relationship with. Yet, I liked that it became palpable throughout this story that Flynn has never thought of Gabby as just his best friend, especially when they take a stroll down memory lane and remember all the times they've been there for each other. In many ways, Gabby has helped Flynn come out of his shell and given him the courage to speak, which in turn gives him the strength to help someone else in Avery's daughter; a young girl that he shares a precious bond with because both have struggled with their disabilities in Flynn being deaf and Hailey being autistic.

While Flynn, he's done well for himself and hasn't let the fact that he's deaf hold him back from following his dreams. I could understand why he was so hesitant to get involved with Gabby for fear of losing their friendship, yet I liked that Gabby pushed him to decide what he wanted. Because he needed that push to realize that nothing should stop him from being happy and in love. Furthermore, I liked the tight bond he has with his brothers, and that they could offer advice when he needed it; advice that was definitely worth listening to because both Cade and Drake have experienced the happy and sad moments of relationships. In Cade finally finding happiness with Avery and Drake having lost the love of his life.

Overall, Ms. Moran has penned a wondrous read in this book where the romance was hot and passionate, as Flynn and Gabby aren't afraid to show each other how they feel using a little creativity. The way this story ended had me cheering for this couple's happy ever after, because of what Flynn does to win Gabby back. The precious words and the way he declares his feelings proved love can overcome any obstacle. I would highly recommend Tracking You by Kelly Moran, if you enjoy the friends to lovers trope or books by authors Donna Alward, Marina Adair or Jennifer Bernard.

Love isn't always loud. Sometimes it's silent.

Gabby Cosette has always been dubbed the good girl of quaint Redwood Ridge, Oregon, and being permanently put in the friend zone has left her dating life stagnant. With no prospects in sight, she clings to her friends and resolves to not let loneliness drag her under. So when the town Battleaxes set their matchmaking sights on her, she figures it can't hurt. Yet the guy they think is perfect for her just happens to be not only her boss at the veterinarian clinic, but her best friend. Sure, Flynn O'Grady is attractive and the nicest guy around, but going there with him would topple both of their carefully constructed worlds and there would be no going back. Even if he is starting to make her girly parts zing.

Having been born deaf, Flynn has already felt like an outsider most of his life. Aside from his brothers, Gabby is about the only person who's gone out of her way to treat him as more than a handicap. Which is exactly why he's banked his secret attraction for his sweet, beautiful vet tech. Except his meddling family is trying to play Cupid and ruin the best thing to ever happen to him. Without Gabby, his work as a veterinarian, never mind his personal life, wouldn't flow. Determined to ignore the antics, he's secure in the knowledge she's not interested in him romantically. But then a kiss changes everything . . . and he's wondering if taking the ultimate shot at love might be worth the risk. 

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  1. I can't wait until this book is released. Ms. Moran has such a way with words that I find myself always reading her books from start to finish in one sitting.