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Recently divorced Carissa Blackwell returns to her hometown and reconnects with her first love Jasper Dumont, while the ubiquitous Bayside Blogger reports their every move for the town newspaper in this delightful & playful novel by award-winning romance author Kerri Carpenter

Bidding on the Bachelor
Saved by the Blog #2
Kerri Carpenter
Releasing October 1, 2017
Harlequin Special Edition

In Bidding on the Bachelor (Saved by the Blog #2) by Kerri Carpenter, Carissa Blackwell knows she doesn't have a lot of options now that she's getting divorced, so heading back to the one place she swore she'd never return seems the most logical choice. However, being back in Bayside brings back painful reminders of why she left in the first place, but what else can she do but face the past, and especially face Jasper Dumont, the boy whose heart she crushed ten years ago. Yet, the more time she spends with Jasper, the harder she begins to find it is to resist him. Is she ready to give forever after another chance or will she crush Jasper's heart again?

What a wonderful second book Ms. Carpenter has penned for her Saved by the Blog series where the main characters entertained me from start to finish due to their back stories and their past history that had me wanting to discover how soon the hero would forgive the heroine for the past; and riveting dialogue that had me hooked by this couple's growing relationship and the musings of the person writing the blog. Who is the person behind the blog? The way this story started had me sympathizing with the heroine because of what she's going through. However, it was from the moment the hero discovers the heroine is back in town that had me smiling because of what happens to him. Interesting what happens to people in Bayside when they're distracted.

Both the main characters were engaging and had me loving their back stories and their history because what the heroine said when they broke up ten years ago made a difference to the hero's life. Really, he's done very well for himself. He's ambitious, determined to prove himself to his family because he's never felt good enough, and I liked that he was willing to give the heroine another chance, even though she hurt him pretty badly with her words in the past. How could she possibly think the hero was anything like her father; a man with no drive or determination to provide for his family? While the heroine, she's strong, brave and I liked how determined she was to start over and make something of herself when it came to what she was going to do to support herself. Certainly, ahe's driven and motivated. Yet, what I liked most of all about the heroine is the friends she made in the secondary characters and how they offer her such great advice when it comes to her relationship with Jasper.

Overall, Ms. Carpenter has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was powerful; the romance delightful and showed how good these two are together; and the ending had me loving how far the heroine was willing to go to win back the hero since she was wrong to judge him the way she did. I would recommend Bidding on the Bachelor by Kerri Carpenter, if you enjoy second chance romances or books by authors Nancy Robards Thompson, Christine Rimmer, Rachel Lee and Marie Farrarella.

Another roll of the dice

Big news, fair readers! Bayside High's favorite It Girl is back. Would you have bet Carissa Blackwell would ever return? Ten years ago, she crushed Jasper Dumont's heart under her Jimmy Choos and left town for a bigger, better life. Her return raises one question: What is she running from (or is it to) now?

Perhaps Jasper knows? One look at Carissa and he fell in the bay! (Rich, single and devastatingly handsome, Jasper's our catch of the day.) That icy plunge should have brought him to his senses, yet "Casper" has been spotted together all over town. Does this mean Bayside's legendary couple may reunite? The stakes are high, but the Bayside Blogger's money is riding on love!

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“I’m back in town.”

“For how long?” he asked quickly, too quickly. In fact, if she wasn’t mistaken, anger laced his question. She must have reacted to it because his features softened. “Sorry, it’s none of my business. And I do remember that today is your birthday. So, happy birthday, Carissa.”

“Thanks,” she said, and meant it. She decided to offer an olive branch because the truth was that she’d dumped him and she hadn’t been kind about it. This icy reception she was receiving was well deserved. While she knew the reasons behind her decision, she’d never let Jasper in on it. She’d been a bratty, selfish teenager, not capable of understanding her emotions. Unwilling to admit that Jasper had always reminded her of her father and that summer her dad had dropped a bombshell on her.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be in town. I’m sort of in a transition period right now.” He waited patiently. After another long drink of beer, she finished. “I just got divorced.” Saying the words out loud left an awful taste in her mouth. An acidic aftertaste of yuckiness.

First, shock flashed on his face. Then, true concern shone in his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said.

And that might have been her undoing. Because he had every reason to be stiff and awkward with her. Instead, any kind of compassion from him loosened her lips.

“Today is my twenty-ninth birthday. I’m having a beer next to my ex-boyfriend, who hates my guts, in a dive bar in the town I swore I would never step foot in again. An ex-boyfriend I should really apologize to because I was an evil witch to him.” The words were flying now. She gripped her hand tightly around her glass. “I’m not even thirty and already I’ve been married and divorced. And I got divorced because he freaking cheated on me.”

She couldn’t miss the way Jasper’s eyes narrowed, his hands curled into fists, and there was a definite tic in his clenched jaw. “He cheated on you?”

“Yep. Apparently, the fact that I was homecoming queen, prom queen and head cheerleader did nothing to impress him. Or keep his pants zipped up when anyone wearing a skirt in the Central Time Zone walked by. That probably makes your whole day, doesn’t it?”

He slammed his hand on the bar and she jumped. But she just as quickly composed herself. “What? You have every right to revel in my misery after the way I broke up with you. I got divorced. You win.”

His eyes narrowed. “I don’t want to win at that game. And I certainly don’t want to hear that some idiot cheated on you. I’m sorry you’re getting divorced.”

“That makes one of us.”

Award-winning romance author Kerri Carpenter writes contemporary romances that are sweet, sexy, and sparkly. When she’s not writing, Kerri enjoys reading, cooking, watching movies, taking Zumba classes, rooting for Pittsburgh sports teams, and anything sparkly. Kerri lives in Northern Virginia with her adorable (and mischievous) rescued poodle mix, Harry. Visit Kerri at her website, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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