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His Perfect Partner
Matched to Perfection #1
Priscilla Oliveras
Releasing September 26th, 2017

In His Perfect Partner (Matched to Perfection #1) by Priscilla Oliveras, Tomas Garcia is a man doing his best to balance his professional and personal lives. However, being so laser-focused on his career, it seems he's missing more and more time with his daughter. Yet, he's determined to do better starting with learning the moves Yazmine Fernandez is teaching in her class for the Christmas father/daughter routine. But the more time Tomas spends with Yazmine, the more he wants her in his life. Will he be able to convince her to take a chance on him or will her desire to get back to Broadway tear them apart?

What a beautifully-crafted, emotionally-intense read Ms. Oliveras has penned in this story that was incredible due to the main characters back stories, their growing relationship and the enchanting dialogue between them that had me totally focused on my kindle and nothing else. Certainly, I love a book that immediately pulls me in, especially when a hero is a single dad doing his best to balance his work and personal lives as Tomas does throughout, even though he's doing everything he can to close the deal of a lifetime for his career. Will he be able to give his daughter the attention she deserves while being able to close the deal he's looking to secure? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine met that I loved, as Yazmine isn't afraid to give Tomas a piece of her mind when it comes to his daughter and the fact that he needs to be there more for her. Will Tomas accept the heroine's advice?

The dialogue was compelling and had me absolutely hooked by the main characters back stories and everything that's happening in their lives on their journey to happy ever after. Moreover, the dialogue was also intense too due to what's happening with one of the secondary characters that has the heroine worried. Will the heroine be able to talk some sense into this secondary character or will she have to accept the inevitable? Yet, what I liked most of all about the dialogue is the interactions between the hero and heroine as well as between the main characters and the hero's daughter; an adorable little girl that loves spending time with the secondary characters in Yazmine's family. 

As for the main characters, both are totally enthralling, as neither have had much success with love. The mother of Tomas's adorable little girl abandoned them and it's not easy for the hero to put his trust in any woman, which is why he's so focused on his career and his daughter's happiness. Will the heroine win Tomas over and prove not all women are like his ex? Then there's what the heroine's ex did to her that has her wary of giving another man a chance. Moreover, the heroine is resilient, courageous, sassy and I liked how driven she was when it came to her dancing career. I also liked her loyalty to her family and that she would do anything for sisters and her father, which is proven by making sure she gets her career back on track in order to make her father's dream for her come true.

While the hero, he's hard-working, a great dad, and I liked how determined he was to balance his work and personal lives, even though he's doing everything he can to win an account that will be worth all the extra hours he's put towards it. I also liked how the hero put his trust in the heroine when it came to his daughter and how he gave the heroine a chance, even knowing that she was set to get back to her life. Yet, what I liked most about the hero was his determination to make sure his daughter knew how special and loved she was through his actions, no matter how much work keeps him busy.

Overall, Ms. Oliveras has penned a captivating and wonderful read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was heady and convincing; and the ending had me charmed by this couple's happy ever after, because of the decision Yazmine makes that gives her the chance to be with Tomas. Also, I loved their conversation towards the end as Yazmine really is the perfect partner for the hero. I would recommend His Perfect Partner by Priscilla Oliveras, if you enjoy the mysterious strangers trope; a story containing a workaholic hero and a heroine that isn't afraid to tell it like it is; or if you are a fan of authors Alexis Daria, Mia Sosa, Laura Florand and Michelle Major.

Ad executive Tomas Garcia shouldn't even be thinking about his daughter's alluring dance teacher, Yazmine Fernandez. Burned by a shattering divorce, he's laser-focused on his career and giving his young daughter, Maria, the secure home she deserves. Plus, he's certain that with her talent, Yaz will be leaving Chicago and heading back to Broadway as soon as she can. But Yaz's generous spirit and caring concern are sparking a desire Tomas can't resist and doesn't want to let go . . .

For Yaz, good-looking workaholics like Tomas simply can't be part of her life ever again. She owes it to herself to get back her confidence and fulfill the dreams her papa could not. She's glad to spend time with Maria and taste the family life she feels she can never have. And she's sure that she and Tomas can keep their attraction under control because there's so much at stake. But each unexpected intimacy, each self-revelation, makes the fire between them grow hotter with every step and every risk to their hearts . . .

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