Saturday 7 October 2017


Head Over Heels
Something New #5
By Jennifer Dawson
Releasing September 26th, 2017

In Head Over Heels (Something New #5) by Jennifer Dawson, when the FBI investigates her boss and he ends up in jail, Sophie Kincaid finds herself fleeing Chicago where no can judge her about her professional reputation being in tatters. Working in the small town of Revival, Illinois, should be perfect to get her career back on track, but Sophie never imagined she'd fall in love. So when her six months are up and it's time to head back to Chicago, will Sophie be able to leave or will she give up everything she's worked so hard for because of love?

I love this series, and this story was absolutely fantastic because of the feisty heroine and her need to prove that she's immune to the hero since she believes he's just like a guy that once swept her off her feet and then broke her heart. Will she win the battle or will Ryder prove difficult to resist with his charming ways and his need to keep her off balance with his terms of endearment that annoy Sophie a lot? The way this story started had me feeling sorry for the heroine because she doesn't deserve what happened to her due to her boss being a greedy idiot. However, in saying that, this book became even more captivating once the hero and heroine came met, because of Sophie's reaction towards the hero. She's snarky, feisty and had me smiling due to her friends wondering what is wrong with her.

As for the dialogue, it was highly entertaining and a wonderful combination of intense moments and playful banter that had me loving this couple's interactions and the matchmaking of the secondary characters. Moreover, the hero and heroine have so many great qualities that made them relatable and likeable. Sophie is hard-working, independent, feisty and I liked how much of a challenge she provided for the hero. I also liked how determined she was to keep her distance from the hero, even though with their chemistry it seemed inevitable that she'd give in, which is proven by the fan-your-face sex scenes. While the hero, he's hard-working, good to his family and so charming and confident that I could not get enough of him. Certainly, it's hard for Sophie not to engage him when he's so irresistible and charismatic; a man that isn't easy to ignore with his affable personality, which makes him a good cop.

Overall, Ms. Dawson has penned another marvellous read for this series where the chemistry was brilliant; the secondary characters are wonderful with their advice and matchmaking; and the ending had me almost crying happy tears because of the decisions the hero and heroine were willing to make to achieve their happy ever after. However, it was the decision one of the main characters made that had me smiling, because how could they possibly leave behind those they love and everything they've worked so hard for. I would recommend Head over Heels by Jennifer Dawson, if you enjoy small town romances or books by authors Jill Shalvis, Lauren Layne, Jessica Lemmon and Candis Terry.

With her professional reputation in tatters and her boss in jail Sophie Kincaid has no choice but to move to small-town Revival, Illinois, until the dust settles, where her best friends have arranged a job and a house for her. For six months, she's pretty sure she can handle anything even her new landlord and neighbor, Ryder Moore. A magnetic 6 4 deputy sheriff, Ryder s good looks and habit of flirting with intent to seduce are an infuriating distraction and, to Sophie s alarm, an undeniable temptation.

Ryder knows Sophie s type entitled city girl and it s not one of his favorites. Add in her snarky sass and her propensity for trouble and she s not exactly his ideal tenant. But something about the curvy little blonde fires Ryder s imagination, not to mention his desire. Soon enough their verbal sparring seems like a prelude to something much more physical and far more pleasurable. Is love right around the corner or just right next door?

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  1. Ryder was so awesome in this book. Where can I find a guy like him? The whole bad boy vibe he had going on certainly made things interesting.