Tuesday 17 October 2017


The Billionaire's Holiday Engagement
Invested in Love #4
By Jenna Bayley-Burke
Releasing October 9th, 2017
Entangled Publishing

In The Billionaire's Holiday Engagement (Invested in Love #4) by Jenna Bayley-Burke, being pressured by his boss to find his Ms. Right and settle down, Cameron Price knows just the woman to turn to for help. Proposing an arrangement that will benefit them both is perfect, but neither could have imagined their fake relationship could become real. Will Cameron be able to convince Lauren to take a chance on him or will they lose their shot at happy ever after because of an error in judgment by one of them?

Although this book took a while for me to completely settle into reading it, I really enjoyed how it took off once the hero and heroine met and just kept getting better. Because they're both professionals and determined to do anything to be successful, which is proven by the bargain they strike. Yet, they're different too, which is evident by the heroine's determination to get the hero to try different things when it comes to food.

As for the dialogue, it was really enjoyable due to the main characters back stories and what the hero does to the heroine that has her mad at him. Will he be able to fix what he does, so the heroine doesn't lose everything she's worked so hard for? Furthermore, the heroine was fantastic with her resilience and love of her job. Being able to organize and cater all that she does for a party makes her seem like superwoman. I also liked how brave she was in giving Cameron a chance when it's palpable neither of them are looking for a relationship, because their careers are important to them. While the hero, he's confident, smart, hard-working and his career sounds very interesting, especially with all the effort he goes to in making certain the companies he invests in are worth getting involved with, which is proven by one of the dinner parties he holds. I also liked how determined the hero was to win the heroine over, because it's palpable she's coming to mean a lot to him.

Overall, Ms. Bayley-Burke has penned another really good read in this book where the chemistry was intense, convincing and had me wondering how long it would take for this couple's relationship to progress into physical intimacy; and the ending had me totally captivated by how far the hero goes to show the heroine how much she wants him in her life. What a way to make sure the heroine gives him the answer he wants than announcing his intentions in front of plenty of witnesses. Will Lauren realize how much she wants Cameron in her life too before it's too late? I would recommend The Billionaire's Holiday Engagement by Jenna Bayley-Burke, if you enjoy the fake relationship trope or books by authors Victoria Davies, Diane Alberts, Regina Kyle and Kira Archer.

Venture capitalist Cameron Price is a workaholic and great at his job, but his boss is convinced Cam needs a more balanced life. A wife on his arm would prove Cam’s the right man to take over the company. When a gorgeous caterer cooks up the perfect event and catches Cam’s eye, he proposes an innovative arrangement they’ll both benefit from.

Lauren Brody knows Cam’s plan is crazy, but pretending to be his fiancée will allow her access to networking at events she’d never get into otherwise. It could be just the break she needs to get her catering business on the map and book the kind of clients she’s always dreamed of cooking for.

If she can convince Mr. Buttoned Up Tight to have some unscheduled fun along the way, theirs could be a perfect arrangement.

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