Sunday 4 February 2018


Be My Valentine
McClendon Holiday #4
By Sean D. Young
Releasing January 8th, 2018
Entangled Publishing

Patrice McClendon wants to create a signature scent for her family's aromatherapy and day spa this Valentine's Day. The holiday is crucial for the family business, even if Patrice has never been a hearts and flowers kind of girl. But creating the fragrance isn’t easy, and Patrice needs help. She gets that and more when she meets successful perfumer Jacques Germain.

There are instant sparks when Jacques meets Patrice, but she’s asked him for professional help, and mixing business with pleasure is a no-no. But they soon realize that none of the rules apply when love is involved, and Jacques is determined to show Patrice that Valentine's Day can bring gifts more precious than anything money can buy.

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In Be My Valentine (McClendon Holiday #4) by Sean D. Young, if there's one thing Patrice McClendon is determined to do it's produce a signature scent for Valentine's Day. However, she needs to find the right person to help to be able to achieve her dream and luckily she's found the perfect person in successful perfumer Jacques Germain. Will Patrice take a chance on Jacques, which means mixing business with pleasure; or will she walk away from her chance at happy ever after?

When I started reading this book, I was thinking to myself that finally I'm reading Patrice's story because if anyone deserves happy ever after it's this McClendon sister, and I've got to say that this book was just as captivating as the previous stories due to the way this story started with what's happening with the hero and how it gives him the chance he never thought possible. How could his boss think that he'd do anything so wrong? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine met that had me smiling because Patrice is just what Jacques needs to get his life back on track after it seems everything is falling apart enough for him to need a change of scenery.

Both the main characters are delightful and I loved how determined the hero was to win the heroine's heart, as she doesn't believe in love or have any love for Valentine's Day. Why does she feel the way she does? Moreover, the heroine is driven, smart and I liked how enthusiastic she is in getting the right scent for Valentine's Day, which is proven by how hard she works. I also liked how determined she was to help a friend in need, even when it causes trouble for her relationship with Jacques. Will the hero be able to accept her need to help a friend? While the hero, he's had it tough lately with the accusations that could cause him trouble for his career. Yet, I liked that he handled everything he goes through and comes out on top. No way was he going to go down for something he didn't do. I also liked how determined he was to prove his innocence and how determined he was to help the heroine, which is proven by what he sets in motion to get the perfect scent and make certain it's marketed right.

Overall, this author has delivered another really good read for this series where the main characters are wonderful together because of their strong chemistry; the romance was on the sweet side; and the ending had me liking how things worked out for these two, as there were times when they could have walked away from each other. Yet, it was the decision they made towards the end that had me hoping that they'll be successful with what they've decided to do; and had me enjoying the way everything worked out when it came to Patrice's dream. Do they manage to get the scent ready for Valentine's Day? I would recommend Be My Valentine by Sean D. Young, if you enjoy the opposites attract trope, boss-employee romances, or books by authors Jennifer Shirk, Jody Holford, Sonya Weiss and Rochelle Alers.

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