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Who Do You Love?
Love in the City #3
By J.M Bronston
Releasing December 26th, 2017
Lyrical Shine

Young features editor Eugenia Shaw is thrilled to have a scoop on not one but two major stories for Lady Fair magazine. The last thing Gena expects is to fall in love—with a quirky looking Chinese Crested named Wiley. Or with the fellow Crested lover she keeps accidentally-on-purpose running into in Central Park . . .
Unlike Gena’s ambitious and self-centered live-in boyfriend, Paul is a man who appreciates Wiley’s unconventional elegance. And the better they get to know each other, the more it appears that he appreciates Gena, too. Soon she can’t help noticing how much happier and more confident she is when they’re together. She’s even beginning to see a new Gena when she looks in the mirror. But will she be brave enough to rewrite her own next chapter? . . .

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In Who Do You Love? (Love in the City #3) by J.M Bronston, Eugenia 'Gena' Shaw has worked hard to get to where she is in her career. Yet, while her professional life is going great, her personal life is not with her self-centred boyfriend constantly putting her down. However, Gena doesn't know what she's  going to do until she meets Paul, a man that thinks she's perfect. However, Gena's been with her boyfriend for many years and it's hard for her to walk away. Will she get the happy ever after she deserves, or stay in a relationship that's become too toxic?

This is the third book by Ms. Bronston that I've read, and I've got to say that I quite enjoy her stories that encompass strong heroines that go through a lot in their lives and achieve happy ever after with their Mr. Right. As for this third book in Ms. Bronston's Love in the City series, it was extremely engrossing with the heroine facing quite the challenge in sticking with the familiar or ending things between her and her jerk of a boyfriend. Will she choose Paul or stay with her boyfriend? Will she realize that she deserves more than a man that continues to belittle her?

As for the dialogue, it was entertaining due to the main characters back stories and every obstacle they face on their journey to happy ever after, including whether Gena will end things with her boyfriend and the big choice the hero has to make that. Will he stay or will he go? Moreover, the heroine is strong and brave when it comes to the choices she makes because her professional life couldn't get much better but her personal life is a total mess. How could she want to stay with her boyfriend? I also liked how hard-working she was when it came to her career and the stories she covered were quite intriguing and I liked how it led to bigger and better things for her. Yet, what I liked most of all was her growing relationship with Paul and the developing bond she shared with her dog. Really, Paul is good for her and she deserves someone that will love her for who she is.

Overall, Ms. Bronston has delivered a wonderful and engaging read in this book where the chemistry between Paul and Gena is delightful and shows the heroine that she deserves so much more in a relationship than what she's getting with her boyfriend; and the ending had me loving the decision the heroine made because she deserved to be happy. I would recommend Who Do You Love? by JM Bronston, if you enjoy Women's Fiction/Chick-Lit stories, the opposites attract trope, or books by authors Kristin Vayden, Tracey Alvarez, Louisa George and Rachel Gibson.

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