Sunday 11 February 2018


Bad Bachelor
Bad Bachelors #1
By Stefanie London
Releasing March 6th, 2018
Sourcebooks Casablanca

Everybody’s talking about the hot new app reviewing New York’s most eligible bachelors. But why focus on prince charming when you can read the latest dirt on the lowest-ranked “Bad Bachelors”—NYC’s most notorious bad boys.

If one more person mentions Bad Bachelors to Reed McMahon, someone’s gonna get hurt. A PR whiz, Reed is known as an ‘image fixer’ but his womanizing ways have caught up with him. What he needs is a PR miracle of his own.

When Reed strolls into Darcy Greer’s workplace offering to help save the struggling library, she isn’t buying it. The prickly Brooklynite knows Reed is exactly the kind of guy she should avoid. But the library does need his help. As she reluctantly works with Reed, she realizes there’s more to a man than his reputation. Maybe, just maybe, Bad Bachelor #1 is THE one for her.

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In Bad Bachelor (Bad Bachelors #1) by Stefanie London, Reed McMahon can't stand the Bad Bachelor app that's giving women a chance to warn other women about bachelors in New York and their dating antics, especially since he seems to be sitting in the number one spot of worst bachelors ever. However, when he starts working alongside Darcy Greer in order to help her generate some much needed money for the library where she works, he finds himself wanting something he's never wanted before -- the chance to settle down. Will Reed be able to convince Darcy to take a chance on him, or will he walk away to protect himself from ever getting hurt by love again? 

If you've never read a book by Ms. London, then what are you waiting for? This is definitely the book to start with because not only does it launch a brand new series for this amazing author, but because this story was charming, witty and highly entertaining from start to finish due to the descriptions of the men on the app; the compelling dialogue that shows how brilliantly opposites attract; and the engrossing main characters that have so much chemistry between them and face some tough obstacles on their journey to happy ever after. Will the heroine give Reed a chance, especially when it's palpable he's not as bad as the bachelor app is making him out to be? 

The way this story started had me smiling at what the women are celebrating since it seems the heroine dodged a bullet when it came to her wedding. However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time that had me fully hooked to this story, as the heroine is determined to challenge the hero, even though he's the expert and knows what needs to be done to help the struggling library. Will the heroine listen to Reed's suggestions? Moreover, the heroine is resilient, sassy and I liked how much of a challenge she provides for the hero, as she isn't afraid to make him see that relationships aren't all bad. I also liked the close friendship she shared with her two best friends, even though one is keeping a secret that could make Darcy upset with her.

While the hero, I felt sorry for him when it came to the bachelor app because it makes him seem like a bad guy, and I could understand why he was so determined to find out everything he could about the app. Are women deliberately making him out to be the bad guy? Is everything women are saying about him true? Furthermore, I also liked the hero's confidence, charm and his determination to prove how good he is at his job, even though it seems the bachelor app is wreaking havoc on his professional life. 

Overall, Ms. London has delivered an incredible read in this book where the chemistry between Darcy and Reed is off-the-charts; the romance was hot and shows how amazingly opposites attract; and the ending had me loving how Reed makes things right between him and Darcy, especially once he discovers why someone is so determined to show how good or bad the bachelors of New York are when it comes to dating and relationships. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up brilliantly, as Darcy finally discovers the truth of the bachelor app. Yet, it was the final words between this couple that I adored and left me smiling until I picked up the next book on my to-be-read pile. I would recommend Bad Bachelor by Stefanie London, if you enjoy the opposites attract trope or books by authors Debbie Mason, Samantha Chase, Sarah Morgan and Kira Archer. 

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