Monday 29 May 2017


Burning Both Ends
Hot Aussie Knights #2
By: Sinclair Jayne
Releasing May 29th, 2017
Tule Publishing
In Burning Both Ends (Hot Aussie Knights #2) by Sinclair Jayne, it's hard to deal with all the loss Darington 'Dare' Knight has had in her life, but when tragedy struck while on the job as a smoke jumper, her commander was worried enough to send her on a firefighter exchange program where she could be closer to family. However, when she discovers the hot guy she hooked up with -- on her first night Down Under -- is her new station commander, Dare finds herself having to fight their attraction, because Lachlan 'Lock' Ryker is a big stickler for rules and that means no fraternizing with other firefighters under his command. Yet, there's no denying their chemistry and when things start to get serious between the pair, will Dare run or will she finally realize that she needs to move on from the past to be completely happy in life?

Having really enjoyed the first book of this series, which was penned by the brilliant Amy Andrews, I couldn't wait to read this story, because I was absolutely charmed by the Knight family and their legacy as firefighters and I've got to say that this book was just as enthralling as the first book. Seriously, the beginning drew me into this story immediately, due to how Dare is reacting to where she is and the other reason why she's in Australia besides being part of a firefighter exchange program. However, it was from the moment where the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time that this story really takes off, as Dare needs a distraction. She's had too much loss already in her life, and with her grandfather, the one person that was able to reach her during the darkest moment of her life being gone, it was hard not to understand why she needed the distraction.

Both the main characters are compelling, and I loved their playful banter the moment they met. It was hot, suggestive and definitely revealed what they both wanted, despite the way they were talking in code a tad. Then there's the main characters back stories that made me empathize with Dare. She's already experienced a great love and she doesn't think she'll ever be ready to let another man in. Yet, there's something about Lock that makes her want to take a chance, even though she's scared of losing yet another person she loves, if she takes a chance on him. I also liked that she was brash, impetuous and wasn't afraid to push Lock to the limit when it came to their growing relationship and convincing him to break his rules.

While Lachlan, he's a fantastic hero and I loved how he won Dare over. He's already been through a divorce where his ex was a bit controlling in what she wanted and there was no way he was going to adhere to her demands. Not when he was determined to do what's right for his siblings after what happened to their parents. Luckily, Dare is the complete opposite to his ex, and I liked the moment that the heroine and his ex met. Talk about awkward, but at least Dare held her own. I also liked how Lock proved to Dare about how wrong his ex was when it came to what he wanted for the future. That there was nothing wrong with the surprise she had for him.

Overall, Ms. Jayne has penned a delightful read in this book, which was a tad emotional at times and where the romance was hot and Lock made Dare feel really special. The way this story ended was perfect, despite Dare being worried about Lock's reaction after what his ex told her. Luckily, Dare is special to Lock and he proves that with his words and his actions. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up beautifully, as Dare is finally ready to let go of the past and cement her future with Lock. I would recommend Burning Both Ends by Sinclair Jayne, if you've read the first book of this series, enjoy second chance romances, or books by authors Amy Andrews, Victoria Purman or Trish Morey. I would also recommend reading A Country Love Song by Sinclair Jayne, as the heroine in that story is Dare's sister. 

Darington 'Dare' Knight has known a lot of loss in her twenty-six years. She can deal, so she resents it when the commander of her Montana smoke jumper unit sends her on a firefighter exchange program in Australia after her unit suffers a double tragedy. Hooking up with a sexy firefighter her first night Down Under improves Dare’s mood considerably until she realizes her hook up is now her station commander and he has a rule book as thick as her arm.

Lachlan Ryker did not make senior station officer as a Melbourne Metropolitan firefighter by the time he was thirty by acting impulsively, but when he meets the sexy, brash American in his favorite pub, his by-the-book, measured approach to life gets kicked to the curb. He and Dare ignite one night of smoldering passion he can’t forget. But before he can call for a second date, Dare strolls into his station newly assigned to him for three months. Lock knows he has to keep his hands to himself. He never breaks the rules. Dare, however, never heard a rule she didn’t want to shatter.
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  1. What a hot cover. I'm guessing the hero is as hot as the fires he fights. Nice review.

    1. This story is pretty hot and I loved the dialogue whenever the main characters were conversing. Hope you enjoy this book. Happy reading!