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The Wedding Date Bargain
The Wedding Date #2
By: Mira Lyn Kelly
Releasing June 6th, 2017
Sourcebooks Casablanca

In The Wedding Date Bargain (The Wedding Date #2) by Mira Lyn Kelly, Sarah Cole is still a virgin and now at twenty-eight, she's looking to finally have her cherry popped. However, she's not willing to pick just any guy to be the one, and when she finds herself in the company of Max Brandt, the guy she had a huge crush on through college, she decides he'd be the perfect man to introduce her to sex. The only thing she needs to remember is to not fall in love with him, especially when she's only in Chicago for two months. Yet, the more time she spends with Max, the harder she begins to see how impossible it is not to fall in love with him. Will Max realize how right they are for each other before it's too late, or will his believing Sarah's too good for him lose him the one person that's always been special to him?
Ms. Kelly has penned a fabulous read in this book that had me engrossed from the moment I started reading and held my attention to the very end. Seriously, the way this story started was very attention-grabbing, because of Max's dilemma. What would he do to his best friend? Would he find himself in trouble? However, it was from the moment that the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time in this story where things get very interesting. Max wants Sarah, but after what happened in the moment where they came face-to-face for the first time in years, Max isn't sure where he stands with the heroine.
Both the main characters charmed me with their back stories and their growing relationship. There was really strong chemistry between Sarah and Max, which was there in college and is still there in the present and I loved how it just kept getting stronger throughout this story, as Max fights his feelings until he finally realizes what he wants. Will he be the man to show Sarah how good sex can be? Furthermore, Sarah was a wonderful heroine.  She's strong, brave, independent and it's understandable why she concentrated so hard on her career after what her ex did. However, she also knows that being a virgin at her age isn't the norm. Can she convince Max to be her first? Then there's the tough decisions she has to make, as she and Max get closer. What will she do about her career? Will she stay in Chicago or go to New York?
While Max, I absolutely loved him, despite the fact that he believed he wasn't good enough for Sarah, all because of his parents volatile relationship and the fact that it's made him afraid to commit to a woman. I also liked the close friendship he had with his friends and how tight he was with his sister. All love to offer their advice when it comes to his relationship with Sarah, and I'm glad that he finally began to listen to it before it was too late. Especially since life is too short not to be with the one he loves, which is proven by what happens to one of the secondary characters that Max is really close to. Luckily, things worked out right in that instant, but it could have easily turned out grim.
Overall, this was a superb read that has me looking forward to reading more of this series as well as the first book -- May the Best Man Win. The way this story ended was perfect, especially because of what one of the secondary characters did to get these two back together. Luckily, it spurs Max into realizing how much he loves Sarah and that he's not going to let her go without a fight. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up nicely, because it sets things up for the next book, with a certain secondary character going to be in big trouble with another secondary character. I would recommend The Wedding Date Bargain by Mira Lyn Kelly, if you enjoy the second chance romance trope or books by authors Melody Anne, Kelly Jamieson or Lucy Parker.

When Sarah Cole finds herself in Chicago with two months to kill before her New York promotion goes through, she decides it’s time to take care of a few things—like the inconvenient issue of her virginity. Sarah knows the right guy for the job too: Max, the notorious lady’s man she’s been crushing on since college.

Max Brandt is all for a fling, just not with Sarah. She’s way too good for him. He walked away from her once, but it wasn’t easy.

Things are different now, and the plan is so simple. There’s no way either of them would do something as silly as fall in love…
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  1. I haven't read anything by Mira Lyn Kelly, but I've had someone else recommend her books to me, so I'm definitely going to give this book a chance.