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Scoring off the Field
By Naima Simone
Releasing March 12th, 2018
Entangled Publishing


Tennyson Clark is getting a life. First step: quitting her job as assistant to Dominic Anderson, star quarterback for the Washington Warriors, her best friend … and the man she’s been secretly in love with for years. But since the gorgeous, if overprotective playboy has only ever seen her as his BFF, she’s finally ready to relinquish her tattered fantasy and move on. Enter steps two and three: new job and new man.

Football is Dominic's life, and with his contract soon up for renewal, all his focus needs to be on the game. But Tennyson—dependable, logical Tennyson— is making that next to impossible with her mysterious new job and her sudden interest in online dating. He doesn’t do relationships. But the thought of another man touching her sexier-than-hell curves has him suddenly wanting more from his best friend.

Indulging in hot, dirty, what’s-my-name sex with no strings and lots of benefits is simple, uncomplicated…until it’s not.


In Scoring off the Field (WAGS #2) by Naima Simone, Tennyson Clark is finally ready to move on with her life. She doesn't need her best friend, Dominic 'Dom' Anderson, to look out for her anymore. Her first task is to quit her job as Dom's personal assistant and finally pursue a career in social work and then find a man that will give her the kind of love she deserves. But when Dom proposes a friends with benefits relationship, Tennyson can't say no, not when she's been in love with Dom for years. Will Dom be able to convince Tennyson to stay or will she walk away from her chance at happy ever after?

Ms. Simone has delivered another smashing success for this series in this book where the main characters were incredible due to their back stories; and the dialogue was a wonderful combination of intense moments and playful banter that had me loving the tight friendship these two have and that Dom would do anything for Tennyson. The way this story started had me immediately hooked, as Tennyson is finally ready to live her life for her instead of continuing to rely on Dom because there's no way he'll be anything more than her friend. Will Dom ever feel for her what Tennyson feels for him?

With the main characters, I absolutely loved Tennyson and Dom. They're so good together, have lots of chemistry and every time they converse ups the sexual tension between them that eventually spills over onto the pages in fan-your-face sex scenes that do this couple's intense chemistry justice. Moreover, the heroine is resilient and courageous in that she's finally ready to move on from her love for Dom because football is always going to be his number one priority and she wants a man to put her first and give her the kind of love she deserves -- unconditional and forever. I also liked the heroine in the moments where she has fun and lets her hair down, especially when she was with her friends in Sophia and Renee. 

While the hero, he's one of the best heroes I've read in a book this year. His back story had me ready to cry while it made me understand why he's so driven to be the best player he can be. I also liked how confident the hero was and that he would do anything for the heroine. She's always been his rock and there's no way he can lose her, which is proven by how far he's willing to go to make sure the heroine doesn't replace him in her life. Yet, what I liked most of all about the hero was the decisions he made when it came to both his personal and professional lives, especially the moment where he wants the heroine to know how important she is to him.

Overall, Ms. Simone has penned another incredible read for her Wags series in this book where the ending had me loving what the hero does to win back the heroine. He's so brave and determined and I could just imagine how many hearts broke when women heard his words. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up wonderfully, as Tennyson and Dom are so happy together. I would recommend Scoring off the Field by Naima Simone, if you enjoy the friends to lovers trope or books by authors Amy Andrews, Cindi Madsen, Jami Davenport and Kate Meader. 

“What’s wrong, Tenny? And don’t tell me nothing. I know that’s woman-speak for shit’s about to hit the fan,” Dom teased.

But Tennyson didn’t roll her eyes or even lay into him about being a meathead sexist. Instead, she remained silent, confirming his suspicion.

 “You,” she said, shoving her curls out of her face. “You turned down the movie premiere without even a second thought.”

Hold on. She was pissed over that? What the hell? He shook his head. “I didn’t want to go.”

“You haven’t had any problem going to those types of events before…before…” She waved a finger between them. “So why now, Dom?”

“Okay, let me get this straight,” he said slowly, confusion and anger coalescing into a swirling, murky mass in his chest. “You wanted me to go out on a date with another woman.” Even stating it sounded asinine and just fucking weird to his ears.

“What I wanted or didn’t want shouldn’t have mattered. And that’s the point,” she retorted in the same I’m Talking to a Crazy Person tone he’d used. “Before we had sex, you wouldn’t have thought twice about letting Brian arrange the date and public appearance. Football is your top priority. It always has been, always will be. But today, you made a decision that was counteractive to that. And you did it for me. For my feelings,” she almost shouted. She reeled back slightly, her eyes widening as if her outburst had surprised her, too. Yes, too. Because she’d shocked the shit out of him.

His gut instinct reaction was to deny her accusation. But he paused, and it hit him that she was correct. He had to compartmentalize. If this friends-with-benefits, no-strings-attached arrangement was going to work and their friendship be intact afterward, then he had to remember his priorities. The end game. Which was football. Always football. Security. Legacy. A path to another career after he hung up his jersey. 

“You’re right. No, don’t look away from me,” he admonished, gently cupping her cheek. He waited until her gaze returned to his. Christ, she was so damn pretty. “I did make the decision based on your feelings, and yeah, there is a chance I would’ve agreed to go before you and I started having sex. But I also turned it down because I didn’t want to touch another woman while I have you.”

This time he not only swept his thumb over her bottom lip, he dipped the tip into her mouth, grazing his skin along the edge of her teeth. “So I’ll promise not to confuse things again. For both our sakes. But I’m adding another stipulation to our deal. Don’t expect me to fuck another woman when I’m with you.”

Unable to prevent himself any longer, he dipped his head for a quick taste of her lush mouth. He groaned. And returned for another sample. Sweetness of the wine she’d had with lunch. Richness of the creamy dessert. And her. All her.
“You’re who I want to ride, bareback. Damn, do you know how it felt to be inside you, with nothing between us? Like goddamn heaven. And hell. Everything beautiful and painful. Pleasure and agony. Yeah, being balls deep in you is like nothing in this fucking world.” He abandoned her cheek and tunneled his fingers into the dark, wild curls that somewhere along the line he’d developed a probably unhealthy fascination with. Gripping her hair, he tugged her head back. Watched her lashes flutter. Heard her soft, hungry gasp. “I want it again,” he growled against her mouth. “Are you going to give it to me?”

A moan escaped her seconds before she lifted those lashes. “Yes.”

“For however long I want it?” he demanded.

The haze that had started to cloud her eyes slowly sharpened. “For however long I want it.”

A dark, hot lust slid through his veins, slow and heavy, pouring right into his cock. “There she is,” he praised, loosing a low chuckle. “There’s my Tennyson.”




USA Today Bestselling author Naima Simone’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey, Sandra Brown and Linda Howard many years ago. Well not that many. She is only eighteen…ish. Though her first attempt at a romance novel starring Ralph Tresvant from New Edition never saw the light of day, her love of romance, reading and writing has endured. Published since 2009, she spends her days—and nights— writing sizzling romances with a touch of humor and snark.

She is wife to Superman, or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent, and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, sometimes domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.


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