Tuesday 13 March 2018


Bones Don't Lie
Morgan Dane #3
By Melinda Leigh
Releasing March 13th, 2018
Montlake Romance

Shocking evidence hits close to home for attorney Morgan Dane and PI Lance Kruger as Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh’s acclaimed series continues.

Private investigator Lance Kruger was just a boy when his father vanished twenty-three years ago. Since then he’s lived under the weight of that disappearance—until his father’s car is finally dredged up from the bottom of Grey Lake. It should be a time for closure, except for the skeleton found in the trunk. A missing person case gone cold has become one of murder, and Lance and attorney Morgan Dane must face the deadly past that’s risen to the surface.

For Lance, the investigation yields troubling questions about a man he thought he knew. But memories can play dirty tricks. For Morgan, uncovering each new lie comes with a disquieting fear that someone is out there watching, because someone is killing every witness tied to this decades-old crime. Morgan and Lance follow in the shadows of a relentless killer and walk right into the cross fire.

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In Bones Don't Lie (Morgan Dane #3) by Melinda Leigh, for years Lance Kruger has wondered what happened to his father when he went missing, and now with his father's car being found, he might finally be able to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance. However, someone is determined to make sure Lance never finds the truth, even if it means silencing him and his partner, Morgan Dane. Will Lance finally discover what happened years ago, or will he never learn the truth because someone is determined to make sure the past remains buried?

This series just keeps getting better and better and this third story of Ms. Leigh's Morgan Dane series was thrilling and highly entertaining and proves that Ms. Leigh is a master when it comes to romantic suspense. Really, the way this story opens sets the fast-pace of the story and drew me in immediately because of what happens and how it gets Lance, Morgan and their boss Sharp to start working to a case to discover what happened to Lance's dad years ago when he disappeared. Will Lance finally get closure?

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to everything the main characters face because of the case and someone determined to make sure the truth stays buried. How far is the killer willing to go? Will Morgan and Lance come out on top against the bad guys? Moreover, Morgan is smart, resourceful, strong, brave and I liked how determined she was to help Lance find the answers to a twenty-three year old mystery. I also liked everything this couple go through, especially the final showdown with the killer, as it took me by surprise to discover just who the person responsible for what happened to Lance's dad and everyone else that needs to be silenced to keep a terrible incident buried. Yet, what I liked most of all about Morgan is how she supported Lance with everything he's going through, as he finally discovers the truth of what happened to his father and how the heroine's support helps the hero to finally lean on her instead of continuing to go at things alone. 

Overall, Ms. Leigh has delivered a story filled with plenty of emotion that I could feel along with the characters; plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments that had me worried for the main characters; the secondary characters bring that little extra something special to the story, as they do their best to help Morgan; and the ending had me concerned for Morgan and Lance, as they face off against the killer. Will they come out of the battle relatively unscathed? I would recommend Bones Don't Lie by Melinda Leigh, if you enjoy romantic suspense or books by authors Kendra Elliott, Mary Burton, Rita Herron and Karen Rose.

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