Monday 5 March 2018


The Curse
Shifter Origins #2
By Harper A. Brooks
Releasing February 26th, 2018
Entangled Publishing

For wolf-shifters like Astrid marked by the curse, time is running out. If she doesn’t find her soul’s mate before her twenty-fifth Blue Moon rises, she will die. And with only three weeks left, things aren’t looking good for her. True love just doesn’t fall out of the sky.

Lone wolf Erec is determined to stop a crazed killer from harming anyone else. Even if it means helping a rival pack. But he never expected to feel such a pull for the alpha’s beautiful daughter, Astrid. He doesn’t have time for distractions if he wants to find a killer before his final Blue Moon rises.

Danger looms, and the swirling patterns on their skin mark them for death, but Astrid and Erec are willing to do whatever it takes to save the pack, even if they die trying.

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In The Curse (Shifter Origins #2) by Harper A. Brooks, Astrid doesn't have long to save herself from the curse that was put on all shifters, but the moment she meets lone wolf Erec, she believes he could be her salvation. However, with danger looming neither have time for distractions. Yet, if they work together, they might just have a chance of overcoming the threat to their lives and the chance to stop the curse. Will Erec and Astrid get their shot at happy ever after, or will they die trying to save the pack?

Although I hadn't read the first book of this series, I found this book could easily be read as a stand-alone and is a story that delivers plenty of emotion and is driven by the need for revenge and this couple's growing relationship, as they need each other to break the curse. Will they be able to break the curse in time? Will the hero be able to defeat the danger to his mate and her pack? However, it was the way this story started that set the fast-pace of this story, as the heroine is determined to help her pack, even if it means putting herself in danger. Will Astrid need to defend herself to stay safe?

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the paranormal action of this story, as the hero and heroine do everything they can to stay alive and fight for the heroine's pack. Will they come out on top against the bad guys? Moreover, the heroine is resilient, courageous and I liked how she challenged her family to stop treating her like she's fragile because she's certainly not. I also liked how she handled everything that happens including what's happening to her father, what happens to her brother and then learning the hero's origins. Who is his father? While the hero, he's always felt separate from pack life and never believing like he fit in anywhere. However, in saying that, I liked how determined he was to get revenge, especially once he learns his very existence might have been partly responsible for the brutal attack he survived in the beginning. 

Overall, Ms. Brooks has penned a really good read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was powerful; the romance was delightful; and the ending had me loving the final battle, especially with what happens with Erec that proves his mentor was right about him. However, at the same time, I could sympathize with the heroine and the loss she suffers. I would recommend The Curse by Harper A. Brooks, if you enjoy paranormal romance or books by authors Rebecca York, Debra Blake, Jasmine Wylder and Vivian Arend.

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